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This waste oil heating parts shop.

What you need to setup your waste oil heater.

1x Blower burner unit & waste oil controller unit $527.00 nzd plus freight.

Plans for the 45 kg heater $0.00

What you need to supply

either an existing firebox or a 45 kg gas cylinder.

2 x lengths of flue.

A bit of engineering know how. Welding and cutting steel.

An oil source, something cold to heat.

That's it.

We sell waste oil heating parts worldwide , we can't state a fixed courier price, but we'll get back in to you with a courier price.

If you haven't used PayPal or have issues not knowing your way around it, or don't have an account, no problem, we can send you a payment request via PayPal, you enter your card details and payment. PayPal notify us of your purchase, we sent it the next day where possible.

# We don't make a profit from postage infact I think we loose in most cases.

To build your own clean burning, safe, waste oil burning/heater, you'll need:

a cylinder or an existing firebox,

two x 150mm x 1200mm lengths of flue pipe. Stainless steel flues are better and last longer.

1 x 8" supermarket stainless steel mixing bowl. $7.00 approx. pictured below.

1 x 20 litre oil container.

Some waste oil.

You will need from us:

1 x Clean burning Blower burner unit

1 x waste oil controller unit.

That's the blower burner unit and the oil feed controller.

If you want free hot water you'll need a copper coil and fitting.

I know our family save $800.00nzd in gas alone every winter. So if you are the same, you'll save $400nzd in the first winter, then $800.00nzd every year thereafter. It's like burning gas but a little different, without the cost, no carrying or having to buy firewood, you can pop the 20 litre container on a hand truck so it's easy to move, and a 20 litre of waste oil can last up to 1-2 days of heating with the timer / pump system.

Bent nose blower unit great for existing fireboxes and old gas cylinders.

BUY NOW $346.00usd comes complete with a waste oil controller unit. Plus freight.

#We don't sell our heaters without a waste oil controller unit because waste oil heaters are too dangerous without them, the oil has to be metered.

We build these blower units using box steel because it's cheaper and easier for the purchaser to install too.

These come complete ready to be installed into your setup, bolting it on a cylinder or existing firebox, connect the oil line to it, light the fire, turn on the fan. Lighting instruction come with it. 

The end of the blower unit needs to be 80 - 100 mm from the top of the diffuser.

These units are tested, and operate cleanly, burning waste engine oil. Not Diesel.

They come with fan, fan speed controller, 1 x power adapter, mixing bowl, diffuser, 1.5 meters of 8mm clear tubing. We will build it to fit your firebox or cylinder, let us know what you intend to fix it to, so we can supply either a curved or flat fixing plate.

The Waste Oil Controller. Can be fitted to any waste oil heater.

If you've built a waste oil heater, do yourself and your family a favor get a controller for your own safety.

The waste oil controller is a metering pump system which delivers the correct oil flow wether the oil is warm or cold, without the need for any manual adjustments. As it's impossible to control a waste oil heater with any tap, we have designed and built these to do it for you

Essential for any waste oil heater as it keeps the heater at a set temperature throughout the day or night.

Power adapter 100-240 volts AC, 12 volts, 5 amps. With 3 pin plug. Or can be run from a 12 volt car battery.

Set the heater to a temperature and it will stay at that temp.

Comes with thermostat, should the temperature ever drop below a set temp in most cases 30c, the thermostat will cut off the oil flow, turning off the heater. The thermostat has a sensor that can be fully adjusted, we use it on the hot water pipe and the blower units.

We have fitted a bypass switch on the right hand side of the control box, which bypasses the thermostat when you are lighting the heater and can be turned back up once the water temp has gone up over the cut-out temperature of 30c or under 30c the oil won't flow. We also have another switch on the left side not shown or the control box, this is to turn the pump off while you alter the timer settings.

These are a must when burning any oil. BUY NOW $94.94 usd or $148.00 nzd

Should you want to convert USD to any currency use Currency Converter.

Freight to the States for the waste oil controller unit is $45.00 usd

Freight to the States for the blower burner unit & the waste oil controller unit is $150.00usd This weighs 10 kg.

Freight within NZ $20.00.

When purchasing a controller please add the freight to the total.

220-240AC volt power supply 12 volt DC 10 amp.

or $52.50nzd

Delta Blower Fan 12volt 57amp 80mm x 80mm x 32mm

Connects to 12 volt power adaptor below

Excellent for clean burning.

BUY NOW $33.90NZD or $22.20

12 Volt oil pump. 

   BUY NOW $31.36usd


Thermostat & sensor $9.90nzd $6.48usd

Buy Now 6.48usd

Dual Timer $37.40 nzd $24.49usd.

Buy Now $24.49 usd plus freight.

Freight we will get back intouch with you regarding this amount.

Wifi control for turning oil flow and fans on and off via your smartphone.

BUY NOW $30.00usd or $49.35nzd.      

Copper Coil 15 metres x 12.7mm OD. This is what we use to heat spa pools and swimming pools to 20,000 litres. If you have a 40-50,000 litre swimming pool we join two together, and if you heating a 75,000 litre pool we use three in the waste oil heaters. 

Copper coil above 30 metres good for heating pools up to 50,000 litres and multiple radiators.

BUY NOW $422.00usd or $696.00nzd

The third coil is 150mm dia and sits inside the double coil and is fitted into the 25 mm manifold.

BUY NOW $182.00usd or $349.00nzd Per 15 metre Coil.

Copper coil 150mm diametre coil fits around a 150mm flue x7 metres 12.7mm tubing $179.00nzd plus courier. We build these on request.

For pool water pumps we have gone to this circulation pump, it pumps 30 litres per minute we would advise to install a valve so the volume of water can be adjusted to your needs.

These pumps are excellent quality cast iron, we have had one on the solar panel for the last ten years and never had an issue with it. They pump very hot water and are very quiet when operating.

It has a three way switch on the top, manual, auto, off.

$179.00NZD Buy Now Plus $20.00 freight NZ Nth Island $38.00 Sth Island. 

Ryco Diesel filter excellent for waste oil and removal of water in the oil.

Universal filter assembly Suits diesel petrol & pre-mix fuels Micron Rating: R2132P - 18 micron (nominal) Max Flow Rate: 40-45 litres per hour (nominal) Fuel Line Pressure: Not to exceed 206kPa/30psi Filter Replacement: Recommended filter change period is when filter causes starvation or every 100 hours.

$159.90 nzd

This filter water trap comes with options for 8mm brass hose tails and brass adaptors,

These are $30.00 nzd

Flue Housing.

6" or 150mm Steel Pipe for flue housings.

4" or 100mm in length x 6" diameter pipe $25.00 nzd Plus freight.

6" or 150mm in length x 6" diameter pipe $35.00 nzd Plus freight.

These are 6mm thick steel and heavy.

The supermarket mixing bowl for the fire action to take place, they last for about 6 months before holes start appearing in the base. They work well, there cheap, and cheaply made, light to use, you can have a couple of them.

These sell between $7-12 dollars at your local supermarket.