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Do you think it's could be time to heat the pool?

You've outlaid a lot of money for that pool, shame you don't get to use it much.

Heat your spa pool to 38c - 40c degrees this year for free with our waste oil Spa pool heater.

This saves around $50.00 a week in power. This adds up to $2,600 power saving a year.

Spa pool heaters, heats the pool in 3 - 4 hours and these sell at $1612.51.00 nzd 990.00 usd

To purchase email; [email protected]

Or see the home page.

The 2020 new look blue flame spa pool heater and Pool heaters.

The pool heater

50,000 litre swimming pool setup.

Progress report, after a hiccup with a wire which found it's way loose, we replaced the timer and re-wired it and returned it, 3-4 days later a phone call, saying the controller's doing it's job, the pool had dropped to 12c while we fixed the controller, it's now 25 degrees and we are swimming in it. The heater is putting out 75c into the pool at a slower rate of 10 litres a minute.

He said he had a few issues with it starting to smoke a little and ash build up around the diffuser, but removed the diffuser which has cleaned it up. The diffuser worked in the past, but now back to just an open bowl which is doing the job.

Our pool heater, currently heating a 20,000 litre pool, which I'm now informed the pool is 48,000 litres. With one 15m copper coil. Pools this size, normally has double the amount of coils. The rate in which heating is happening above, two coils will heat 48,000 litre pool in 2 days heating to 25c amazing, that is a huge amount of water.

Email from pool owner.

Oil, and right now the heater is taking in water from the pool at 14c and pumping out at 70-75c I discovered that my previous source of oil had antifreeze and water mixed with the courtesy of the apprentice, who thought the drums of waste oil was the place he was supposed to put it.

The first thing, C has given a name to the beast, "Dragons Breath", not because she smells, just because it has alot of flame inside her.

The other thing to note is this is only being use during daylight hours only.

"Dragon Breath" pet name for the burner is working well. Got the pool up to 20C now which was 12c yesterday.

He is running it 1 second pump 5 seconds delay. The ash build up alot quicker now as oil flow has increased I'm looking at 4-5 hours, we are looking into sending him a new type of diffuser to stop this from happening, we have recommended to change to Hydraulic oil for no ash build up.

Got abit of hard ash build up especially under the diffuser. Started poking around it, as the heater started to smoke, so gave it a belt with the poker, got a burst of flame and immediately the thermostat readout shout up from 50c to 100c then went to error mode, water was boiling coming out of the pool outlet, the tape holding on the censor water pipe melted and the censor fell off. Might need to mechanical fastening for that. We now use stainless steel cable ties.

Housed under a lean-to which protects it from the weather with a small pump to circulate the pool water throughout the copper coils inside the heater, otherwise using thermosyphon, the water was entering the pool boiling hot and was splattering. Hence the pump.

We made a house call, to get this heater up and going, and to get some temperature reading for ourselves.

We got it going with ease and after 20 minutes, it was taking the pool water in at 9c and heating it to 47c. He's only new to this type of heating, and he's only got has his learners licence currently, next week he'll have his full. Lol

He's has reduced the delay time from 6 seconds to 5 seconds and has increase the output temperature to 52 celsius.

He said he was very happy with the heater and what it was doing.

I would have thought that to heat 20,000 litres would take two weeks of heating to raise it from cold to a swimmable temperature.

We felt the pool needed a cover to try and keep the heat in, and insulating the pipes would help.

He has since made a cover for it.

The other option is a ceramic blanket wrapped around the heater, this would also put even more heat into the water. The emission where a heatwave with no smoke at all, as you can see in the quick video below. Excellent. Thanks Chris.

Copper coils built for spa pool heating.

A coil ready to be fitted into a cylinder.

1 coil will heat a pool twice as big as the blow up kids pool at the bottom of this page.

 Under the Hawke's Bay Airshed, these heaters can only to be operated using Canola oil or veggie oil.

Although these will work with most waste or used oils.

Our heaters have been viewed by 3 members of the District Council and they viewed one going and verbally been approved it under the building & emission councillors. So long as you do not store more than 5000 litres of waste oil on your property, and feed you heater with a 20 litre container, have safety oil collection setup in the case of a spill, have the correct fire protection against outside walls.  

We don't recommend pool heaters to be house inside a home, as permits, would also be required, however as 99 percent of these heaters are installed outside away from buildings it's only Americans who install these in these lounges. In fact there are no laws regarding outside heating, so long as you are not smoking out your neighbours you are within your rights. We sell these heaters to councillors to heat pools and spa pools, so if they are happy with them, then so are we.

The Regional Council says you can't burn Canola oil because it comes under Waste oil. This needs to be looked into, if the EPA says, Canola and Veggie oils, are outside of the HSNO Act, this fuel source needs to be classified to be used as a fuel, you can burn it in a diesel car, or in a commercial business. It really does make you start wonder, there's a huge company across the road from the council heating the whole business with waste engine oil, I have seen it going at one stage not at it's best, billowing out thick black smoke OMG, however i'm sure it doesn't run like that normally. I understand it's a Kroll heater.

The other crazy thing we find with this waste oil is Orchardists are allowed to burn it anyway they wish for frost protection, and I've seen huge amounts of black smoke billowing out those smudge pots. It must be different air the orchards use to what we breath.

Because we're told all the dangerous chemicals that exit when burning waste oil, bullshit. When the council came to check, they were amazed how we could burn waste oil so cleanly, without any smoke. One ordered one then and there. I would have been over the moon if they bought out their sniffer to test the emissions but nothing. We are currently looking into getting this tested.

Look if these did smoke we wouldn't be selling them. It's an amazing free heat source we are throwing away, managed correctly for emissions this could heat all our homes and business totally free, stopping this oil destroying or rivers and waterways, instead of cutting trees down for heat recovery leave them standing for the conversion of CO2. 

The EPA.

The EPA manages the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996. Under this Act, only hazardous substances that are intended to be imported into or manufactured in New Zealand require a HSNO approval.

The EPA respnded to my email by Dr David Weller, EPA with his reply, Please note that, according to the information available at the time 2016, Canola oil was deemed to be non-hazardous, and therefore would be exempt from the HSNO Act., it would probably be wise to seek advice from your District Council or Regional Council.

I have looked at the neighbours approved clean air wood fire, which smokes badly for 1/2-3/4 of an hour before they get to temperature, and smokes again as more wood entries the fire, we start to ask ourselves, what's going on. I give them credit soon after warm up there is just a heatwave exiting the flue, but it still could operate alot cleaner than it is. Maybe we need to help these people who design these clean air fires out.

The other thing which gets me, is farmer Jo living on the town boundary, can light his 4 years collection of rubbish he's been stacking up with the odd tractor tyres, and smoke the town out what's with that? Whole orchards been pulled out of the ground, drying in the sun ready to set alight when the times right. 

Oh, also found out everyone is within the law to light an open fire or contained fire to cook on. So if you need a hotplate welded onto your waste oil heater let us know. Another one is there are no Council requirements regarding outdoor heating. So long a you don't smoke your neighbour out.

At least we are not like India, burning tyres for power generation, you need to check this out on YouTube. These kids are being born with all types of defects, the people dying of cancer. Totally wrong. Tyres can be burned cleanly I understand Fonterra in NZ burn them.

It is possible to burn tyres cleanly, but I would think we need to look into gasifying them back to the materials they were made with. 3 litres of diesel can be recovered from every car tyre, I have looked into it but would require large funding to set up. Presently most tyres here end up in landfill, the council says, when approached about doing something like this, they said they would rather put them in the landfill.

All the best.

Drip fed

We do mean well, just the odd question now and then.

Dr David Weller

Advisor, Hazardous Substances Applications


Environmental Protection Authority.

Waste oil in our heaters will not explode, oil won't explode like petrol.

These waste oil heaters have not been certified by Work Safe because they wanted something like $35,000 to tell us they are ok to use.

And as we don't sell fires made ready to light, that leads to difficulty in approving them.

If these were not ok to use, we would have worked that out on day one. 

The 45 kg heater heating a 10,000 litre kids pool. Yes that's steam.

The options are; one coil will heat a spa pool with ease, and a 20,000 litre swimming pool. $1199.00nzd

This coil left is used for 40,000 litre pools.

Two coils will heat a 40,000 litre swimming pool. $1519.00nzd

Three coils will heat a 70,000 litre swimming pool. $2029.00nzd

We have small 12 volt pool pumps available 400- 800 litres an hour.

If you want to order our pool heater email use;

[email protected]

Now to heat water you ideally need a pool cover or indoor to speed the process up.

You need a good source of waste oil, ideally hydraulic oil for 24/7 heating.

If burning 24/7 you'll burn a 44 galon drum a week.

Setting the pool up as easy as cold pipe out, hot pipe into the pool.

Wetbacks used a double coil for swimming pools over 20,000 litres. Above 20,000 litres we can fix a third coil fitted inside the other two coils.

So that's 45 metres x 12.7 mm. And it will run all off 12 volts with very litte power consumed so yes, free pool heating. You do have to light it at the moment. 

These are also used where the customer wants a split system to feed radiators and spa pool from the one burner boiler unit.

Water from radiators gets a dirty colour to it, which you don't want mixing with your hotwater cylinder or spa pool.

These are the coils used for a 70,000 litre pools.

They consist of 3 x 15 metre coils 2 x 280mm diametre and the center coil 150mm diametre all joint to a 25mm inlet outlet using plumbers sil fos for the solder.

This setup is currently $1000.00 NZD worth of copper coils, plumbing fittings, sil-foss, Mapgas and lots of hours of work. Depending on the pump thiese coils will produce temperatures over 70c at 400 lites an hour.

We don't sell these with the extra washers/fins on.