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The blower burner unit with the waste oil controller unit.

# Please add this freight option for your area to your order when paying with Paypal.

If it isn't here then, please email us to see exactly what it is. [email protected]

Freight North Island New Zealand tracked $45.00

Freight South Island New Zealand tracked $55.00

Freight to NSW, Victoria, Australia untracked $90.49 AUD (19/05/2020 currently 2-3 weeks delivery time).

Freight to USA or Canada $134.43usd untracked $210.00nzd as from 9/02/2020 Standard International Shipping.

These take 10 days to arrive.

We have just sent a 5 kg box over to the States with waste oil controller, fans, fan speed controllers, power adaptors metal box, timer, etc.

The cost of sending that $112.79 usd 23/02/2021 via post. untracked.

The waste oil controller now comes in two plastic boxes, one box has the timer pump, therm and pump, the other box has a 12 volt 10 amp metal box power supply, the plug is for NZ but if using them in the states cut the plug off and re wire a American plug onto it, or use a plug adaptor.

If your cutting the plug off the Brown wire is live or positive, Blue wire in negative, green/yellow wire is earth.

The power supplies runs from 85AC to 265AC

Freight cost for the waste oil controller unit to the States $75.00usd.

Freight to send the waste oil controller unit to Ireland $52.62 Euro.

Freight for New Zealand is $20.00 nzd.

The Rocket Stove $197.00nzd Made to order.                                                                             Above example only

New Zealand North Island tracked $30.00

New Zealand South Island tracked $45.00