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Drip fed is having an increase in enquiries from dairy farmers wanting to heat water for their milking sheds and for raising calves, by burning their on farm waste oils they have been collecting for years. Using the hot water to mix with milk powder for raising calves.

We have a few being used out there currently, but they are being very quiet about this breakthrough, however from their feedback, are going extremely well after the initial setup and saving huge amounts of power.

We have a guy in Taranaki Anthony, boiling water at 2 litres a minute to 64C.

Anthony is using his heater as a califont type heater so cold water enters the heater freezing cold and exits at 64c into an old hotwater cylinder where it's kept until required.

Anthony give him a call 027 444 88 33 I'm sure he'd love to tell you the details. We are waiting for the first power saving from Ant.

Ant says the free hot water is excellent for getting all the milk fat off everything.

We have another customer Glen in Tutari Cell 021 660 172. He's heating a stainless steel milk vat of 1700 litres which is using to feed 500 calves last total I heard was 250 currently but more are on their way i'm told. He has his heater running all night on low then turns it up in the morning and gets the 1700 litres to boiling. Sight to see I'm sure. The neighbours are keeping a close eye out on this new system.

We have just had 4 more dairy farmers contact us last week and they are contacting the above before getting back to us.

Glen thinks his power savings would be somewhere around $1200 per month. We are yet to confirm the exactly, as he's running his of a 12 volt car battery.

The heaters these guys are using are the 45 kg heaters with 30 metres of copper coils fitted inside the heater.

Burning about 1.8- litres an hour of waste oil or canola oil.

A drum of waste oil will last 114 hours burning approx and burn cleanly without any smoke.

A reply form is available for you to make contact with us.

Cheers Jim.