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This is a video explaining how to change the waste oil timer settings and thermostat.

This is needed to be done when you change types of oil, or oil supplier, depending on the oil, as some oil can be absolute rubbish, some oils have that much water in them you can't use them. So if you find a good oil supplier stick with them.

The timmer has quite a few settings however we use P3 mode which is the dual timer mode.

To get P3 press the first button and hold until P1 comes up press it again ,P2, will show, press it again P3 will show, press the middle button to save P3.

You'll need to watch this a few times to work it out.

When you are altering the timer the pump will want to start, so my advice is either do it when the heater isn't going until you get the hang of it.

If the heater is under the set thermostat temperature the bypass switch can do the same job as turning it off. But if the thermostat has reached it's set temperature the pump will run anyway, so now we have added a second switch on the left hand side of the box to turn the pump off to stop this from happening.

This waste oil controller has 2 switches on the side of the box the switch on the right is the bypass to the thermostat by turning it down it’ll bypass the thermostat and turn on the pump, so you can light your heater, if you didn’t flick it up the pump won’t operate until the temperature rose to whatever the thermostat is set at.

When the temperature has reached the set temperature, flick the switch back up, now the thermostat will look after the heater by cutting off fuel supply should it go out.

The other switch on the left is use when you press a button on the timer, the pump wants to pump fuel which results in too much fuel going to the heater so before you make any changes to the timer turn this switch up and the pump will be stopped, once the timer has been reset return the switch to the down position.